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Costume Designer Summary: Salary, Skills, Responsibilities

The Costume Designer is one of the key creatives on any production but how does their job work? What kind of skills do you need? And what do they get paid?

Green Lantern Costume Designer Explains what Really Happened with ‘that’ Super-Suit

The man. The myth. The meme. For the first time we heard the real story of what happened with the famous suit from the very person who designed it. Hint: it wasn't her choice! ‍

Costume Design Courses: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Costume design is one of the most creative and impactful parts of the filmmaking process. But how do you get started? Unlike some department costume designer's are usually trained on a course. Here we look through some of the best options depending on your budget and location.

The Ultimate Guide to UK Film Schools (2022)

The never ending debate: should you go to film school or not? For the ones that are considering it, we've researched the different options on the table. Whether you have the money to spend thousands of dollars a year on tuition or just a small online course, we've got you covered.