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Filmmaker Portfolio Examples (And How to Make Your Own With Ease)

Webflow, Squarespace, or Wix? Discover the BEST web builder options for [your] Filmmaker Portfolio, and take a pick based on the pros and cons of each.

Costume Designer Summary: Salary, Skills, Responsibilities

The Costume Designer selects the right clothes for characters in TV and Film. CHECK a full summary of the profession and see what it takes to become one.

Green Lantern Costume Designer Explains what Really Happened with ‘that’ Super-Suit

Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern uniform was…controversial. Check out this EXCLUSIVE insight from the movie’s costume designer about the infamous super suit.

Costume Design Courses: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Find out HOW to dress characters by choosing the right Costume Design course. Go through our guide and analyze excellent in-person (and online) options.

The Ultimate Guide to UK Film Schools (2022)

A guide on some of the BEST film schools available in the UK. Discover their main learning advantages, and see more affordable (online) options.