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What is A TV Showrunner? Job Description, Salary, Responsibilities

Every TV show must have its Showrunner to work. DISCOVER all the facets of this multitasking job and how to become a [successful] Showrunner.

What is a Film Producer? Skills, Salary, Responsibilities

Producers (in Film and TV) can be in charge of several different tasks. LEARN what a Film Producer does, what they get paid, and how to become one.

What is Virtual Film Production? (And Where You Can Learn to Do It)

Used in the Disney+ hits The Mandalorian, Virtual Film Production is on the rise. Learn how it works and HOW to be part of this style of film production.

What is a Film & TV Production Runner? Skills, Salary, Responsibilities

The Production Runner (A.K.A. “Production Assistant) is the handyman of a movie – or TV – set. LEARN here what a P.A. does on a set and how to become one.

The Ultimate Guide to UK Film Schools (2022)

A guide on some of the BEST film schools available in the UK. Discover their main learning advantages, and see more affordable (online) options.