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What is A TV Showrunner? Job Description, Salary, Responsibilities

Every TV show must have its Showrunner to work. DISCOVER all the facets of this multitasking job and how to become a [successful] Showrunner.

Logline Examples: Pitch Your Movie in A Sentence

What are LOGLINES? In this article, we show you how to write an awesome and 100% accurate logline, with a little help from famous movie examples.

Best Screenwriting Software 2022 (Free and Paid)

Discover what are the BEST Screenwriting Software (free and paid) for aspiring screenwriters. Compare pros and cons and learn some precious info.

The Ultimate Guide to UK Film Schools (2022)

A guide on some of the BEST film schools available in the UK. Discover their main learning advantages, and see more affordable (online) options.

Squid Game: How to Write a Blockbuster Script with Social Commentary

Netflix hit series Squid Game showed us you CAN make a blockbuster with social commentary. Wanna write like that too? We show you how to do it.

How To Write An A24 Style Movie

A24 has provided some modern cult classics that inspired a lot of new filmmakers. Discover HOW to write an A24 style movie in just a few steps.

How to Break The 4th Wall in Your Screenplay (With Film & TV Examples)

Other than [exposition], breaking the 4th wall can have many other utilities for your screenplay. Here, we show you how to (and why) use the technique.

Expositional Dialogue: Definition and How to Write it Successfully (with Movie Examples)

Exposition in movies is something that should always be handled carefully. Here, we teach you HOW to do exposition successfully (with movie examples).

Villain Tropes: What to Avoid in Your Screenplay

Are you writing a screenplay and want to know what things to “avoid”? A villain trope is certainly one of them. LEARN more about it in this article.

Screenwriting Degrees: Do You Need One in 2021?

Are Screenwriting degrees [ESSENTIAL] for entering the filmmaking industry? Is the time and money “worth” it? Click right here and find out.

Protagonist and Antagonist: How to Build A Relationship of Conflict

Screenwriters often struggle to create conflict in their story. In this article, we show you great examples of how to BUILD conflict between your characters.

What is an Inciting Incident? (with Movie and TV Examples)

Want to [learn] screenwriting? An Inciting Incident is one of the MOST important elements of it. Check out some examples from famous movies you might know.