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What is A TV Showrunner? Job Description, Salary, Responsibilities

The most powerful role in TV production, Showrunners combine both creative and technical skillsets into one crucial role. Let's learn what they do.

Logline Examples: Pitch Your Movie in A Sentence

When you write a script you're always told to come up with a great logline but what are they? How are they constructed? Let's find out.

Best Screenwriting Software 2022 (Free and Paid)

Screenplays conform to a very specific kind of formatting. Without the right software you're going to be spending an awfully long time spacing out your work. In this article, we analyse the best software for beginner screenwriters on the market, covering both free and paid options.

The Ultimate Guide to UK Film Schools (2022)

The never ending debate: should you go to film school or not? For the ones that are considering it, we've researched the different options on the table. Whether you have the money to spend thousands of dollars a year on tuition or just a small online course, we've got you covered.

Squid Game: How to Write a Blockbuster Script with Social Commentary

It can be hard to marry an exciting premise with a deeper underlying meaning but Squid Game did it so perfectly. In this article, we dig into the reasons that it was accomplished so seamlessly.

How To Write An A24 Style Movie

You've seen the films. You've seen the memes. But whatever you think about A24, one must admit they have a formula for success. In this post, we take a look at how you can unlock their code.

How to Break The 4th Wall in Your Screenplay (With Film & TV Examples)

Adding 4th wall breaks can elevate or crush your script if done wrong. What is a 4th wall break and how can you add it for maximum effect in your screenplay?

Expositional Dialogue: Definition and How to Write it Successfully (with Movie Examples)

You need to explain certain elements of your script but how do you do it without being THAT writer!?

Villain Tropes: What to Avoid in Your Screenplay

You've got to the final act of your script, time to sit your hero down and explain the villain's evil plan right?

Screenwriting Degrees: Do You Need One in 2021?

The ever present debate. Will a screenwriting degree help me succeed in Hollywood? Let's analyze both sides of the argument.

Protagonist and Antagonist: How to Build A Relationship of Conflict

Writing a great hero/villain relationship can be one of the hardest things to accomplish in your script. There are methods to follow though and by looking at some famous examples we can work them out.

What is an Inciting Incident? (with Movie and TV Examples)

You've heard the phrase a million time but what really is an inciting incident? You can't start your script without one so let's delve into some examples.