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What is a Film Editor? Skills, Salary, Job Description

Film editors are incredibly important to the filmmaking process but their job is often confusing to newcomers. Let's look at the role of Editor in more depth.

Film Editing Techniques: A Beginner’s Guide

Beginning your journey into editing can a daunting process. What on earth is a J cut you ask! The best course of action is to build from the ground up. Let's start with these basic techniques.

Best Film Editing Software for 2022

You can't edit your film without the right software! In this article we delve into the best software available on the market for beginner editors, encompassing everything from free to high level professional software.

The Ultimate Guide to UK Film Schools (2022)

The never ending debate: should you go to film school or not? For the ones that are considering it, we've researched the different options on the table. Whether you have the money to spend thousands of dollars a year on tuition or just a small online course, we've got you covered.