Production Design

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Production Designer Summary: Salary, Job Description, Skills

Who designs a film set? Who is in charge of the look? That my friend, is the Production Designer. Combining both creative and managerial job responsibilities, it's meant for a special kind of person. In this article we outline the role and skills necessary to follow it as a career path.

Set Design Courses: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Unlike many departments, set design requires a certain skill. You guessed it: drawing! But where do you acquire these skills? In this article, we run through the best options around for training yourself for a career in set design and the art department.

The Ultimate Guide to UK Film Schools (2022)

The never ending debate: should you go to film school or not? For the ones that are considering it, we've researched the different options on the table. Whether you have the money to spend thousands of dollars a year on tuition or just a small online course, we've got you covered.